Never Person

by Musical Care

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Night cloud Czech investigation by use of low lullabies distilled in Hawaiian waters. Recorded with several keyboards, guitar, and phone with Roland VS-890 8-track in the nightmare dog back house in Los Feliz throughout 2013.


released February 25, 2014

Music written, recorded, and produced by Ryan Jebavy [ASCAP] except*.
Mastered by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Sound, Los Angeles, CA.
Cover photo by Erin Jebavy.

Features Jenni Zepol (vocals on “Gulf Shores”), Laurel Diskin (violin on “Never Person”), and Danny Denton (saw on "Fantastic Rainbow Sex Dream" and synth bass on “Song for Alan Lightman (Einstein’s Dreams)”).
* “Gulf Shores” lyrics written by Jenni Zepol.

grayless recordings [gr-34]


all rights reserved



Musical Care Los Angeles, California

Musical Care is the music of songwriter Ryan Jebavy. In the clouds since 1999. (painting by Dale Shikowski)

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Track Name: Fantastic Rainbow Sex Dream
you steal away my sleep... i felt my fuzzy knees
under the thunderstorm, you breathe so heavy
your eyes turn into sky, roll back for miles and miles...and come back down so slowly

you walk across the moon... you know you have the room
don't want to think or try, don't want to run and hide
you've always been the day, to stars that pass away
i see it in your eyes, you have that look tonight
Track Name: Never Person
love the sun. it'll save you from feeling low...below the snow.
Track Name: Oceans of Love
we’re going away…
deep in the rain, away from the rays that hurt from the sun
we cried for so long, the rivers will run
i felt through my veins the wind from the fall
some will be believe they’re destined to be the voice from their dreams, the one that you need
from oceans of love, this water creeps in your brain
i’m already gone, this song will always change

our tears from the past, the firsts and the lasts
determines this ghost, the one that you know
die in a field, and then you’ll carry me ’way
slowly drift into infinite space
let science tempt me wherever i stray
i’m already gone, this song will always change

(extend my life, so i can breathe.
save my soul in my dream)
become the sea, the death for me
Track Name: Gulf Shores
So I know you're leaving
It is you I'll soon be missing
You - got me blue
(you got me wrapped up in blue)
You - are my gulf
(you are waving goodbye, Gulf Shores, I'll see you on the other side)

So I know it's the reason
You come and go like a ghost of the season
You - got me blue
(you got me wrapped up in blue)
You - are my gulf
(you are waving goodbye, Gulf Shores, I'll see you on the other side)

You are waving goodbye,
You are swimming in the moonlight,
You are dreaming of our love - it makes tides of our life.

You are singing to me goodnight,
You are swimming in the sea tides,
You are waving goodbye,
Gulf Shores, I'll see you on the other side.
Track Name: Song for Alan Lightman (Einstein's Dreams)
we've been here before...
i've sung you this song a million times.
no, nothing will change.
somewhere in time, meet you and i in einstein's dreams.
these memories of you love me and haunt me so ruthlessly.
i'll still never know...
born wild or tame, one box or a flame in einstein's dreams.
don't let me be cruel.
don't let me live life without loving you.
don't let me get away.
seconds remain. now everyone's rain in einstein's dreams, in einstein's dreams.
Track Name: Dead Hearts and Headphones
they can scream about
you’re the one i care about
they can look at me
you’re the one i dream about

love you like a cloud
hearts we never found
this ship is going to sink
disappearing ink

go to sleep with you
as castles drift to space
my lungs begin to flood
i give into the sea

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